Bank of Uganda3/16/23 10:00 AM

In performing its role as the Issuer of the national currency, Bank of Uganda (BoU) periodically prints and re-prints Uganda Shilling banknotes to meet the country’s cash requirements.

All Uganda Shilling banknotes issued by BoU bear the signatures of the Governor and the Bank Secretary. In the absence of the Governor, the Deputy Governor may sign in his or her place.

The public is hereby advised that BoU has issued into circulation banknotes, in the various denominations, that bear the signature of the Deputy Governor Mr. Michael Atingi-Ego and the year of print-2022. This does not in any way affect the legal status of banknotes in circulation that bear the late Governor Mutebile’s signature which are associated with the earlier years of print. These banknotes will continue to be issued in circulation alongside those bearing the signature of the Deputy Governor. The public is therefore advised to continue using all the banknotes in circulation to make and/or receive payments.

The BoU is committed to maintaining the integrity of Uganda’s currency notes and coins.

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March 15, 2023

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