Bank of Uganda5/3/20 12:08 PM

KAMPALA – Our attention has been drawn to an article in the Saturday Vision of May 2, 2020 with the headline: “Another Currency Scandal Rocks BoU”. The Bank of Uganda wishes to clarify as follows:

1. Whereas the article in the Saturday Vision insinuates that there is a new currency case at the Bank of Uganda, we wish to inform the public that this is an old case that came up in July 2019, and was adequately handled by the Bank.

2. The implicated officer, Mr. Charles Kasedde, was terminated from the services of Bank of Uganda in August 2019 on grounds of gross misconduct. The Bank subsequently handed over the matter to the Police Criminal Investigations Department for further management.

3. The Bank of Uganda has continued to render the Uganda Police and other investigating Government organs all the necessary information to ensure that the matter is brought to its logical conclusion.

Bank of Uganda assures the public that stricter controls were instituted to prevent any further abuse of operational procedures.

Adam Mugume (PhD)
For: Deputy Governor
May 3, 2020



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