Publications as an internal and external means of communication, is widely used by the Bank of Uganda to reach and impact its target groups and stakeholders. The Bank of Uganda produces a variety of publications in areas of research, monetary policy, financial stability, statistics and related economic and financial issues. Bank of Uganda publications are sourced from several departments within the Bank, which include; 

a)   Economic Research Department, which provides the Bi monthly Monetary Policy Reports, Monetary Policy Report Highlights,Quarterly and Annual Economic Reports, Quarterly State of Economy Reports, BoU staff journals, State of the Economy Reports and the  Staff Working Papers.


b)   Accounts Department, which publishes the Mandatory Gazette Annual and Quarterly reports, Annual Report as well as the Agricultural Credit Scheme (ACS) report.


c)   Financial Stability Department, which produces the Financial Stability Report and the Quarterly Stability Review Reports 


d) Commercial Bank Department and Non- Bank Financial Institutions Department which produce the Annual Supervision Report once a year.


d)   Statistics Department, which provides the monthly Depository Corporations Survey, monthly Credit to the Private Sector, Quarterly Bank lending Survey, Annual BOU Statistical Abstract, Remittances Reports,Pesonal Transfer Survey  Informal Cross Border Trade Report and the Statistical bulletin report. The department also contributes to the Debts sustainability analysis and Risk analysis reports which are published by the MoFPED.


e)  Research Bulletins ... View Research Bulletins 


f)   Special Publications, Special Publications include all other publications from various departments.