Internet Banking Facility (BBS-Connect System) at Bank of Uganda

In October 2010, Bank of Uganda rolled out the BoU Banking Systems (BBS)-Connect system that offers:
Internet Banking Services to Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and projects.
Internet banking commonly referred to as “anytime, anywhere banking “is part of the “e-business” suite of services offered by Banking Department.
The department’s objective is to provide a high level of quality services to all its customers through new product innovations such as the BBS Connect system
A BBS Connect user accesses the system using a ‘self generated’ PIN plus a token code that changes every minute.
The system uses Straight through Processing (STP) which ensures that validations for accuracy are done for all transactions.STP implies that there is no human intervention and invalid transactions are blocked and communicated instantly.
BBS-Connect System uses the “Maker-Checker Principle” of processing whereby the “Maker” initiates a transaction and the “Checker” authorizes that transaction in order to achieve a complete and successful transaction life cycle.
Services currently offered on the BBS Connect System are:
·         Own Account Transfer
·         Internal Account Transfer
·         Domestic Funds Transfer (EFT)
·         Domestic Funds Transfer (RTGS)
·         Bulk File Upload
·         Bank Account Statement viewing and printing.
·         Downloading forms.
·         Ability to read securely sent BOU bulletins
For further information on how to enroll on BBS Connect System contact the following:
Director Banking’s Office:    0414-233722
D/Director Banking:            0414-235942
Internet Banking Team:
Admin 1 -   0417302018
Admin 2-     0417302021
Admin 3-     0417302022
If you are already enrolled Click here to access the BBS Connect Web page:

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