• Statistics


Monetary and Financial Sector Statistics

   1.  Interest Rates

   2.  Depository Corporations Survey

   3.  Other Financial Corporations Survey

   4.  Exchange Rates

   5.  Credit to the Private Sector

   6.  Financial Soundness Indicators

External Sector Statistics

   1.  Balance of Payments according to 6th Edition of the Manual

   2.  Terms of Trade

   3.  Composition of Exports

   4.  Composition of Imports

   5.  Destination of Exports

   6.  Origin of Imports

   7.  International Investment Position (BPM6)

 Real Sector Statistics

   1.  Inflation

   2.  Gross Domestic Product Summary

   3.  Leading Indicators

-Business Tendency Indicators

-Composite Index of Economic Activity

   4.  Real Estate Indicators

Government Finance Statistics

   1.  Fiscal Operations 

Revision Policy and Statistics Release Calendar

   1. Bank of Uganda Statistics Release Calendar

   2. Revisions Policy For Official Statistics

Selected Macroeconomic Indicators

 Links to Publications and Other Statistics

  1. Bank of Uganda Survey Reports

  2. Other Statistics on the ADB Open Data Platform


The Statistics Department of Bank of Uganda disseminates a table of macroeconomic indicators to some of its stakeholders on a monthly basis. If you are interested in receiving this table, please send an email request to statistics_dissemination@bou.or.ug. Any comments on the statistics posted above can also be sent to statistics_dissemination@bou.or.ug.