Bank of Uganda Governors; 1966 - 2012

Mr. Joseph Mary Mubiru (1966 - 1971):

He was the first Governor of the Bank of Uganda. He was appointed  Governor on August 15, 1966; the day the Bank of Uganda opened. Prior to this he was the General Manager, Uganda Commercial Bank. He died in 1972. Bank of Uganda instituted an annual lecture in his memory known as “The Joseph Mubiru Memorial Lecture” to commemorate his contribution in setting up of the Bank in 1966.

Mr. Simeon Moses Kiingi (1971 - 1973):

He took office on 30 August 1971. Prior to this he had been Managing Director of Produce Marketing Board. After his Governorship in 1973 he was appointed a Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uganda. He later served as Executive Director for Uganda at the IMF and First Director General of COMESA (The Common Market for Eastern and Southern African States). 

Mr. Onegi- Obel (1973 - 1978):

He was appointed Governor on 30 August 1973. He had been deputy Governor since 1969, having moved from the Treasury. His contract expired on 30 August 1978. 

Mr. Henry Kajura (1978 - 1979):

He served as Governor from October1978 to February 1979. Prior to that he was Managing Director, Uganda Commercial Bank. He joined politics and parliament in 1986-2006 and became a cabinet minister (1986-2006) and Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr. Nkojo Gideon (1979 - 1980):

He was appointed Governor in May 1979 and served until September 1980. Prior to that he had been working with the World Bank in Washington DC since the 1960s. He returned to the World Bank to serve as a World Bank representative.

 Mr. Leo Kibirango (1981 - 1986):

He was appointed Governor in November 1981. Prior to that he had served as a Deputy Governor of the Bank since 1980.

Dr. Suleiman Kiggundu (1986 - 1990):

He took office as Governor on 23 November 1986 and served until 10 November 1990. Prior to that he had been a lecturer of Economics at Makerere University and in a US University. He later became Managing Director of the defunct Greenland Bank . He was a chairman of a political party. 

Mr. Charles N. Kikonyogo (1979; 1990 - 2000):

Mr. C.N. Kikonyogo served a two five-year term from 1990 to 2000. He rose through the ranks from a Banking Officer when he joined the Bank in 1967, Exchange Controller to Deputy Governor of the Bank (1975 - 1979). He had briefly served as Governor from 22 February 1979 to April 1979. He died in June 2001.

Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile (2001 - todate):

In 2001, Mr. Emmanuel Mutebile was appointed Governor of Bank of Uganda. Prior to that he had been Permanent Secretary to the Treasury in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. Professor Mutebile was appointed for another 5 year term in 2011.