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The Collection of C.N. Kikonyogo Museum

The collection of the museum includes:

Pre money items used as a medium of exchange

The natives of the Lake Victoria basin used barter trade as a way of exchange of commodities for a long time. Crude salt, (which was traditionally extracted from Lake Katwe in south west Uganda), crude iron implements, cows, goats, cocks and bark cloth, became a medium of exchange to supplement barter trade.
Around 1825 to 1837 Ivory discs called Sanga became a medium of exchange.
The first Arab traders came to Uganda in 1844 and they brought Cowry shells (called Nsinda or Nsimbi) with them from the coast as a medium of exchange.
In 1856 the Imperial British East African Company (IBEACo) opened a charter from Queen Victoria to come to Uganda and get raw materials for Britain's booming industries.

Early forms of currency used (the Rupee, and the Florin)

The IBEAC abolished the use of various artifacts like cowrie shells, ivory discs etc and they introduced the Indian Rupee as a currency in East Africa. In 1898 the IBEACo collapsed and Britain took over management of Uganda (as Uganda Protectorate) run by the British Foreign Office.
In 1905 when the administration and rule of Uganda was put under the British Colonial Office along with that of Kenya, Tanganyika and Zanzibar to make the East African Protectorate, that an East African Florin and an East African Rupee were printed by Thomas De La Rue and used as currency in East Africa.

Notes and Coins (Colonial and post independence)

A collection of notes and coins that have been used during different historical periods of Uganda since money was introduced in Uganda as a medium of exchange are on display.


A collection of photographs of Governors of the Bank since 1966, Currency Centers of the Bank, as well as other important personalities and memorable occasions of the Bank are available for view.

Commemorative Coins and Medals

Commemorative coins that have been minted by the Bank since its establishment are on display . In addition the museum collects and displays various medals.

Equipment and other items

Some of the equipment that the Bank has used through its history in its activities are on display to visitors. There are also other items that convey economic,social, cultural, political and technological history of Uganda and the Bank.


There is information on medals in general and medals issued by the Uganda Government.