Acts & Regulations

2000: Bank of Uganda Act

2004: Financial Institutions Act

2003: Micro Deposit Taking Institutions Act

2004: Foreign Exchange Act

2005: Financial Institutions Licensing Regulations

2005: Financial Institutions Credit Reference Regulations

2004: Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Regulations

2006: Foreign Exchange (Forex Bureaux and Money Remitters) Regulations

2010: Financial Institutions (Revision of Minimum Capital Requirements) Instrument

2011: Financial Consumer Protection Guidelines

2013: The Financial Institutions (Foreign Exchange Business) (Amendment) Rules, 2013

2016: Financial Institutions (Amendment) Act, 2016

Tier 4 Micro finance Institutions & Money Lenders Act, 2016                                    
The National Payments Systems Act 2020

Framework for the identification of Domestic Systemically important Banks (DSIBs)

The National Payment Systems (Agents) Regulations, 2021

The National Payment Systems (Sandbox) Regulations, 2021
The National Payment Systems Oversight Framework - June 2021
National Payment Systems Regulations, 2021

Micro Finance Deposit-Taking Institutions (Amendment of Second Schedule) Instrument, 2022 

Financial Institutions (Amendment of Third Schedule) Instrument, 2022

Financial Institutions (Credit Referencing Bureau) Regulations, 2022

Consolidated Corporate Goverance Guidelines

Risk Assessment Guidelines for SFIs in Uganda

Targeted Financial Sanctions Guidelines for Supervised Financial Institutions

The Financial Institutions (Revision of Minimum Capital Requirements) Instrument, 2022

Financial Institutions (Agent Banking) (Amendment) Regulations, 2023

Financial Institutions (Preference and Appraised Book Value) Regulations 2023

Micro Finance Deposit Taking Institutions (Registered Societies) Regulations, 2023

Financial Institutions (Amendment) Act 2023

The Foreign Exchange (Amendment) Act, 2023

Financial Institutions (Liquidity) Regulations, 2023

Micro Finance Deposit-Taking Institutions (Amendment) Act 2022
Other Financial Institution Regulations 



There are different financial institutions supervised by Bank of Uganda, grouped under: commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions.

1. Commercial Banks

The Bank conducts full on-site examination of all commercial banks using a risk-based supervision methodology.

During the year 2004/2005 the Bank commenced the deployment of the Bank Supervision Application (BSA) following successful deployment in ten (10) other countries in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.

The Financial Institutions Act 2004 (Fin Amendment Act 2016) provides for various mandatory Prompt Corrective Actions which the Bank must undertake to correct weaknesses in the financial institutions before they escalate to unacceptable levels.

2. Non-Bank Financial Institutions 

The non-bank financial institutions supervised by the Bank of Uganda are:

3. Prequalified list of External Auditors 2023